About Us

‘LCN is Care and Compassion in the Community, for the Community, by the Community’ – An international voluntary community based/non-governmental organisation registered in England and Wales  based in London with an affiliate body registered in Uganda, based in Northern Uganda.

Our History

Latitude Care Network also known as (LCN) was incepted in 2005 at a time when many people with particular backgrounds and needs found themselves displaced/dislocated from their roots, struggling with health issues, being lonely and isolated, affected by war, poverty and many other calamities, lack social connections, public facilities and supports that they were unable to find their way through the systems.

LCN then aspired to address the physiological and Physical health, social, economic, cultural and environmental needs of these people who are the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised members of the society predominantly but not exclusively the older/elderly people, people affected with disabilities or ill-health problems, the unemployed, poor single parents families, children and young people and refugees and asylum seekers living in the (UK) London area and elsewhere Africa, particularly  in the Region of Northern Uganda.

LCN now provides ranges of related health, well-being and livelihood programmes to people we serve in some cases working in partnership and collaboration with many other agencies to deliver services, acquire resources, access certain services and promote good working relationships at local, national and international levels.

LCN also has links with and is memberships to many other agencies including government departments, capacity builders and local council for voluntary services, mainstream voluntary and community sector groups as well as private sector groups and individuals that fulfil social responsibilities.

Why Named ‘Latitude’?

Many questions have been asked why the name ‘Latitude’ or what does ‘Latitude’ means or how does the name ‘Latitude’ came about?  To many, the obvious answer or meaning of ‘Latitude’ would be the geographical measurement of distance North or South of Equator (the imaginary line around the middle of the world which passes through Africa including Uganda) measured in degree and compared longitude.

This is absolutely true, but the underlying principle of LCN the name ‘Latitude’ is synonymous to wherever we are or just as we are, we have the Hearth, Free-will and Opportunity in being creative to serve people humanitarianly through appropriate service development and delivery that fully address the needs of individual and/ or members of the society who are within our remit.

Our clients should have the ‘Latitude’ to choose from range of services we offer or suggest other appropriate ways they may want LCN to support  them with and that all clients are fully encouraged to be actively involved participate in issues that affects them and decision making and running of the organisation

And our partners and all other stakeholders we collaborate with should also have the ‘Latitude’ to work with us to contribute towards solving society’s social issues.

A Charity & Company Limited by Guarantee

LCN is governed by Memorandum and Articles of Association registered as a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee in England and Wales and  Non-Governmental/Community Based Organisation NGO/CBO in Uganda.

LCN is governed by Executive Members of Management Committees also known as Board of Directors broadly represented by stakeholder interest and individuals that fulfil social responsibility elected by the membership at Annual General Meeting.

LCN is registered recognised by Her Majesty & Customs (HMRC) as a charity for  tax  purposes.

LCN Today

UK Board Uganda Affiliate Board
Founder & Chair: Ms. Grace Adok Chair: IP. Charles Okullu
Regional Co-ordinator: Mr. Kenneth Oyik
Treasurer: Ms. Harriet Aber Finance & General purpose Committee: Cllr. Mrs Mary Okullu, Mr George Button Oyik, Mrs Medina Okeny and Mr Okeo Joel
Secretary: Ms. Joyce Okello Secretary: Mrs. Medina Okeny
Members: Rev. Modicum Okello, Dr. John Okello, Mrs. Jane Atube, Ms. Christine Atim, Ms. Santa Akullo Members & Partners Representatives: Mrs. Martina Nyeko & George Burton Oyik – Gulu District, Mrs. Gladys Oyat and Stephen Oringa – Kitgum District, Mrs. Santa Obonyo – Lira District.

Executive Committees / Board of Directors

The Executive Management Committees / Board of Directors on both front are responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction and development of the organisation’s mission statement  The objectives and values of the organisation are developed in line with Memorandum and Articles of Association and other regulatory guidelines.

The Executive Management Committee / Board of Directors also assist in providing strategic leadership to the formulation, execution and achievement of LCN’s goals, the needs and aspirations of members/service users and other stakeholders.

LCN is widely supported by pool of volunteers and where possible employ staff for day-to-day management and service delivery meet the needs of clients and other interest stakeholders both in the UK and elsewhere African, particularly in the region of Northern Uganda.