Our Services

LCN – will commit to the objects of the organisation and in doing so, we will provide appropriate services to meet the needs of our service users.

  • Clients’ Focus – we will understand the needs of our service users to ensure they receive services centred on the individual client’s needs.
  • Professional – service users will receive the best endeavours of appropriately trained staff and volunteers.
  • Confidentiality – service users’ personal information will not be passed on without the client’s consent or prior permission.
  • Support – we will adopt a supportive environment that assists service users in meeting their needs.
  • Non-judgemental – our service users will be treated courteously, with respect and dignity without discrimination.  Additionally, LCN will not condone discrimination in any form from any other service providers with whom we have links.
  • Long-term commitment – our support and relationship with service users will continue even after they have met their needs, where necessary.
  • LCN – has the latitude and responsibility to uphold and implement these values.

Our Current Programmes and Services

Since inception LCN has worked tirelessly to develop and managed community based projects and has tried our best, with limited resources, to provide really useful good quality programmes and services which include:

  • Health, Social Care  & Social Support
  • Information, Advice & Advocacy
  • Campaigning & Lobbying for good causes
  • Education, Training & Employment Support
  • Counselling/Psychosocial Support
  • Sponsors or Undertakes Research
  • Social & Recreational Events/Activities
  • International Development
  • Act as Umbrella or Resource Body for other Agencies
  • Environmental  Awareness & Activities
  • Micro-finance Mutual Aid Loan Scheme
  • Signposting & Appropriate Referral
  • Volunteer Opportunities – activities that support the well-being of clients and the volunteers themselves.