Our Vision

LCN aspire to address the social, economic, physiological and physical health, cultural and environmental needs of all age the most vulnerable disadvantaged and marginalised members of the society.

Our Mission

The object for which LCN is established are particularly but not exclusively relate to individuals from socially, economically, culturally and environmentally disadvantaged background, the elderly and all age persons with disabilities:

  • To preserve and protect the physical and mental health of vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society who are predominately refugee and asylum seekers living in the London area;
  • To relieve the needs of elderly and disabled people and people facing difficulties in family relationships;
  • To advance education through vocational training for the unemployed or those seeking employment including single parents, refugees and asylum seekers;
  • To relieve poverty and distress amongst the people in Africa, in particular those who are victims of war and natural disasters;
  • To promote equality and diversity in society by holding various social and cultural events of sufficient content and quality for the benefit of the public.

Our Values

  • Commitment – LCN will commit to the objects of the organisation and in doing so, we will provide appropriate services to meet the needs of our service users.
  • Clients Focus – We will understand the needs of service users to ensure they receive services centred on the individual client’s needs.
  • Professional – Our service users will receive the best endeavours services of appropriate trained staff and volunteers.
  • Confidentiality – Our service user’s personal information will not be passed on without the client’s consent or prior permission.
  • Support – We will adopt a supportive environment that assists service users in meeting their needs.
  • Non-Judgemental – Our service users will be treated courteously, with respect and dignity without discrimination or any other reasons.
  • Additionally – We will not condone discrimination in any form from any other service providers or stakeholders with whom we have link.
  • Long-term Commitment – Our support and relationship with service users will continue even after they have met their needs.
  • LCN – Has the latitude and responsibilities to uphold and implement these values.